Tourism & The Economic Impact




Definition of tourism

  1.  :  the practice of traveling for recreation
  2.  :  the guidance or management of tourists
    1. :  the promotion or encouragement of touring
    2. :  the accommodation of tourists


It really doesn’t define the industry or what It means to communities who participate.


The importance of Alberta’s visitor economy can’t be understated.Tourism is an 8.3 billion-dollar industry that supports 19,000 businesses and employs more than 127,000 people in every region of the province.” (Travel Alberta Annual Report).

Northern Alberta alone averaged $423 million dollars in traveller spending, and employed 6,060 jobs.

During this challenging time in Alberta’s economy, tourism presents significant opportunity. No one industry can overcome the energy’s sector impact, but our proven ability to drive revenue and act as an economic “shock absorber” is the reason Tourism is being recognized for its ability to diversify, grow revenue and ultimately, improve quality of life.

This is an industry that can’t be ignored in an economy with an unstable energy sector.” Advocating for our region goes beyond simply advertising, giving directions and managing the Visitor Information Centre.


We are ambassadors of the region. Advocating and giving Grande Prairie a visible voice in the industry. Marketing the Region to bigger audiences by strategic planning and placing ads in major publications like; West-Jet magazine, The Milepost, Canadian Geographic and National Post just to name a few.


We Create opportunities and facilitate funding for many of the events and attractions that happen around the Peace Country. In 2014 and 2015 GPRTA brought in over $750,000 in Cooperative dollars to the community. We can’t achieve success without the support of our members and our community.


As a Non-for Profit Association OUR community is the back bone of our association, after all, it is our community we are marketing. Working together just makes sense!

The Tourism industry is a staple in creating revenue for businesses and creating jobs in our community. Standing alongside our industry leaders we are trying to make a difference.

Tourism is more than just a business sector. It’s an economic driver that crosses multiple industries and supports growth in a myriad of ways.


Its everyone’s business and everyone’s industry. Restaurants, pubs, local markets, grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, tire shops, accommodation’s, retail stores, real-estate, and many more!

It affects us all. We need to work together as a community to create great experiences for visitors and residents alike.


The Grande Prairie Regional Tourism Association has been dedicated to this cause since 2001, with 2016 / 2017 being the time to innovate and excel, we are now more then ever in need of the support of our community.

We are a small organization dealing with an enormous economic impact, we need our residents, organizations and businesses to stand behind us and work together to grow the north and establish Grande Prairie as a destination to the world.


Join Us and Let’s Do This!!