County of Grande Prairie No. 1

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Located in Northwestern Alberta and surrounded by a boreal forest perimeter, the county is part of the Great Plains Region. The natural resource rich area serves as a home to many industries including Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, Manufacturing, and Tourism, and allows for rapidly expanding opportunities for growth. Our rich history combined with our forests. Open fields, and picturesque valleys clothed in seasonal splendor, makes the County an all season recreational paradise.

Spend even a few days exploring the County of Grande Prairie and you’ll begin to understand why we love this vast and dynamic landscape where we work and play.

Located 460 km northwest of Edmonton, at the southern end of the Peace Country, the County of Grande Prairie is a study of contrasts: rich prairie, abundant rivers. Creeks and small lakes, a mixed of boreal forest and the Province’s Northern most badlands.

You’ll see wild life here, perhaps the majestic and the still “threatened” - Trumpeter Swan that migrates to our lakes and sloughs in late April to nest and raise their young, or you’ll see Canada geese snacking in the fields or hear them honking as they fly overhead. If you keep a watchful eye, you’ll also spot moose, elk, mule deer, white tail deer, foxes, coyote, and beaver.



  • Award winning Phillip J Currie Dinosaur Museum. Home to one of the largest dinosaur fossil beds in the world
  • Spectacular Scenery
  • Eight golf courses that are exceptional
  • Seventeen Parks, campgrounds, & RV Parks
  • Authentic CPRA Pro rodeos and amateur events that are a must see.
  • Home to 12-time World-Champion Chuckwagon Driver, Kelly Sutherland and many other champions.
  • Historic sites and northern most badlands


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